Furnishings and Clothing

Furnishing a 4 Newf Household

Many sacrifices have to be made in order to have a 4 Newf household. One of them is the furniture we purchase. Comforters for the bed are never of a light colour, and heaven forbid that we should have a white duvet. Everything is coloured so that black does not show well. Living room furniture recently has come out with great new fabrics like Microsoft velour type. So attractive and comfortable. We don’t have that! We have a functional, durable chesterfield, many colours but predominately darker colours. How many families have a double sized futon mattress on the living room floor exclusively to be used as a dog’s bed? Check below. Our living room floor is covered with dog blankets and the arms of chairs and chesterfields have drool rags draped over them. This is another reason that we NEVER throw away a towel no matter what the condition. Most of our floors are wall to wall carpeting, and when we installed it about five years ago what were we thinking ? We actually chose a light gray for the colour. Well five years later this is no longer a light gray. I could not describe the colour, but suffice it to say that we will be replacing that carpeting this year with a colour more applicable to a four Newf household.

Rim keeping an eye on his flock (sort of) Sometimes we ask ‘Who actually is in charge here’?

JPG 24

Gotta keep each other warm at night

Regarding clothing: Our closets are filled with blue denim, dark coloured T-shirts and sweaters. Our bright summer colours are dark blue, dark green and dark white. When we do dress up to go out (without the dogs), we wait until the very last minute before putting on our “non-Newf clothes” Then, once we are dressed, it is a constant battle to stay away from the dogs until safely out the door. A clothes brush is a staple for us, and it is critical to have a partner to give you that final once over for those slime marks and Newf hair once you are in the car.


4 responses to this post.

  1. This had me laughing loudly. I see my future clearly with these posts of yours. : )


  2. Love reading your posts…reminds me I’m not alone. I had the multi colour low shag intalled in our home. This is the best for dog ownership the only issue is when someone comes visit wearing white socks…I have a drawer of extra slippers (black one’s of course). Love my Newf!


  3. Posted by Anne Atherley on April 7, 2011 at 12:54 pm

    Describes our place to a “T”….leather furniture…easily wiped off…wood floors and area carpet, multicolored…giant dog bed with blankets for their comfort…drool rags and throws everywhere…the new love of my life is a Dyson Animal Vacuum…life among the giants for sure!


  4. Luckily I have a black Newf, because black just goes with everything. It also goes ON everything, but it involves a lot of regular undercoat combing out and THEN you do the vacuuming of the carpeting. They shed. They drool. They protect. They clown around. They are your mentors, your entertainers, your messy eaters and drinkers. So. What’s wrong with all that? Nothing. Because you won’t find a more loyal, loving, cantankerous and “puppy-natured” creature that can give you its entire heart without you even asking. So there. Case closed. ……. Visitors should wear jeans and a sweatshirt – I might have missed just one single long black wavy hair. Sorry, but I’m not perfect at housework…………….just being a Bear-Dogger……..Val and Bubby


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