The dreaded Sucking Machine

All but two of our Newfs over the years have come to us as adults .. We have enjoyed the mischievous puppy years only twice (with Molly and Murphy) We have instead, been appreciating the mature more calm personality of Newfs 4 years of age and older . This has advantages: no house training, and very little obedience training etc ..

But every now and then, mostly when talking with someone who is experiencing the joy of picking up a Newf pup from the breeder we wish we could once again feel the soft breath of a Newf puppy, walk in the fields and have a Newf run ahead of us or get excited and run circles around us displaying all that energy that they have in the first 4 years of life ..

Our present gaggle of Newfs, Molly and Annie at 8 years old, Rowdy at 10 ½, and Seven of Nine at 11 ½ are truly a sedate lot .. When we walk in the fields it certainly is not a walk for human exercise. It is more of a dawdle, a slow stroll, or sometimes even a stand around waiting for the dogs to finish the 20 minute sniff of a particular clump of grass ..

All of this is to paint a picture of our extremely calm lot of Newfs.

However this all changes when we vacuum the house, which of course is a daily or sometimes a twice daily activity. Molly, Annie and Rowdy show no difference in their regular laid back demeanour. They will either plop down in front of the machine and have to be physically pushed out of the way or they will stroll outside to the deck and lay down there just to maintain the peace and quiet in their lives .. Surprisingly, Seven of Nine who just happens to be the oldest of the bunch and the second oldest Newf we have ever had is the exception. When the vacuum comes out Seven comes alive. The moment we plug the hose into the wall receptacle she comes from where ever she is, charging around looking for a toy or something to carry around in her mouth .. (of course the word charging for Seven means something completely different than it does for others – her charge is like a fast walk) However, no matter the speed, the determination and excitement are very much in evidence. Her eyes are suddenly aglow, the tongue hangs out the side of her mouth and her head is held high.

If a toy to settle her down is not found fairly quickly then the attack is on .. Seven is one of our troop who is at the bottom of the ladder in dominance. I have mentioned before that she is the boss of no one and loves it like that. However, at vacuuming times she seems to think she is the only one around who is able to protect her pack from this marauding, sucking monster. She will attack the power head quite determined to rid the area of the threat .. Of course sometimes this makes it quite difficult to accomplish our task but we persevere, dodging the attacking Seven and vacuuming around the other 3 who always seem to be in the way.

When the job is done and hose unplugged Seven immediately reverts to her slow moving, meandering self, fitting in quite nicely, once again to the senior Newf mold. But we know that the next time the carpets develop that black and white fuzzy look, and we bring out that vacuum, Seven of Nine will once again transform from her impression of a bear rug to vicious ‘pack protector’.

Seven of Nine – protector of the pack (but only from the monster “Beam”)

Photos courtesy of Marij Erup


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Anne Atherley on May 2, 2011 at 4:21 pm

    You’ve gotta love her mothering instincts! She’s protecting all of you!! LOL Seven, you go, girlie!


  2. Posted by Christine on May 4, 2011 at 10:05 am

    Cutest! – maybe she just likes furry carpets – makes her feel right at home 🙂


  3. Posted by hannah on October 26, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    Our first, Angus, used to do that as well. I always found it very amusing!


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