Adventure at 5am

Let Annie and Rowdy out at 4:30 this morning, I was wandering the dark house waiting for them to come back when frantic barking of the two of them right outside the living room window, shocked me into full consciousness. Opened the window leaned out and came face to face with an adult skunk who was facing off (face to face) with our 2 with only a fence in between them ..

Raced outside and around the house to try and drag them away but before I could get there the barking abruptly stopped and the two of them came skulking back to the deck. Needless to say they both got the full force of the retaliatory attack full in the face ..

We were in panic mode from 5 am until a few minutes ago (7 am) Rowdy got the worse of it – threw up a couple of times, both had it in their eyes, all over their face and neck .. Washed them with a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide, Backing Soda and dishwashing detergent, flushed their eyes with a solution we have for Rowdy’s blind eye. Finally they both are resting and are a lot calmer but for a couple of hours they were charging around the house rubbing faces on the furniture and carpeting etc ..

The smell is much reduced from the dogs but the house will smell for a long time I think .. Can’t use that solution on the furniture or carpet because of the bleaching effect of the Hydrogen Peroxide. ..

Hell of a way to wake up and good thing it was dark when I rushed out because I did not have time to put my pants on .
With the temperature today forecasted to be 35 degrees C ( 95 F) windows will be closed and we will not be going far from the air conditioning and that means suffering through a day of this not-Avon-like aroma.

Rowdy & Ingrid


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Anne Atherley on July 21, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    Sorry,Bill,but just when you thought the heat couldn’t get worse…ROFLOL!!


  2. C’mon Bill…………………..follow-up book needed. Really! Val and Bubbles, my Newfoundland Service Dog


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